Cross Cultural

I got one learning from Sumita's post in XLCCM…discovering and owning up one's
own biases and prejudices often gives a worldview a much better
perspective and makes us more honest. For us Indians, educated under
a system which was set in place by a British Viceroy, I reckon we
haven't changed it much till now…

What does that give us in terms of mental models and frames of

1. The collective unconciousness of our pan-Indian culture…which
is itself such an amorphous thing … 🙂
2. The frames that our western education gives us…for those of us
who studied in "convent" colleges this manifests as an "alien"
thought over the unconscious, which we internalise.
3. The frames that popular culture gives us as we grow up, which is
very American in nature compared to 2. which is Anglo-Saxon in

Any wonder why the urban Indian experiences such an "alien-nation"
(pun intended ;0)

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