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Heard that the PNAC (project for the New American Century) is driving George W. …Scary


Resume Blaster slashes rates, provider of the first online resume distribution service, has set the bar high again by slashing prices over 50% to their full-featured resume distribution services to help those who really need maximum exposure for their resume.

Hmm…that it’s happening when there are desperate people looking for a job is interesting !!



This is an interesting article on how GE is the biggest BPO employer

It says Over a quarter of the people employed in the country’s Information Technology-Enabled Services sector are on the rolls of multinationals like GE Capital, Standard Chartered, AOL and HSBC, involved in captive business processes outsourcing. The top seven captive multinational BPO companies in the country employ over 28,000 people, slightly more than 25 per cent of the 110,000 people employed in the sector, according to National Association of Software and Service Companies estimates.


My post in the Challenger Innovation egroup

How did Dutch Boy Paint stir up the paint business? It’s so simple,
it’s scary. They changed the can.

Paint cans are heavy, hard to carry, hard to close, hard to open,
hard to pour, and no fun. Yet they’ve been around for a long time,
and most people assumed that there had to be a reason why they were so bad. Dutch Boy realized that there was no reason. They also
realized that the can was an integral part of the product: People
don’t buy paint, they buy painted walls, and the can makes that
process much easier.

Dutch Boy used that insight and introduced an easier-to-carry,
easier-to-pour, easier-to-close paint jug. “Customers tell us that
the new Twist & Pour paint container is a packaging innovation that
was long overdue,” says Dennis Eckols, group vice president of the
home division for Fred Meyer stores. “People wonder why it took so
long for someone to come up with the idea, and they love Dutch Boy
for doing it.”

The breakthrough idea was gathered from that insight. Where does
your firm gets its insights from? How many different windows do you
open to get different insights?


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