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Am currently reading “Genome” by Matt Ridley…

What an amazing book ! Along with Desmond Morris’ writing it forms a great set to understand us human beings and our position in the order of things ! One quote that he makes struck me:

“Entropy and Information are opposite sides of the same coin” Awesome !



Yesterday night was a scare !

Ekta gave Saachi some multi-vitamins before dinner. And then we went out for dinner. Chinese. At a joint called Mandarin near CMH Road. Awesome food.

And whatdya know?

Saachi pukes all the stuff in about 7 instalments between 11pm and 1 am !

We frantically ring up the pedeatrician at midnight (after crazily hunting for his number) and he tells us to give her two syrups.

Fortunately the Manipal hospital has a pharmacy that is open through the night…but they have only one of the syrups…and say the other would be found that time of the night only on Residency Road…

We call the doc again, and he says the other syrup isn’t that necessary. So after all that running about ….Saachi slept..and we cleaned up the house and breathed a sigh of relief !


I’ll try and not keep too much to the ‘serious’ focus on XL (you can do a search on yahoo and google and find stuff for that!)

These next few posts are basically for XLers to relive those ‘JLT’ times at XL, and for non-XLers to know the ‘un’official part of XL that go so much into shaping the identity of an XLer.

So how does an XLer pass his/her day?

So now you get the main drift?

Dadu/Niranjan’s is the lovely samosa/ciggy joint that sustains Xlers when the mess does not!

Bishu’s Night Serai– A one stop shop for Maggi, Coffee, Tea, bread masala to get you through the night and those incomprehensible cases !

JLT – The name of the lovely lawn , called Just Like that ! Why? who knows, JLT!

OMAXI– The Old Monks Association of XlrI. The top of the XL social totem pole ! Led by the cheif (in red hood!) and clad in white or blue hoods….yelling “PBC” !

Wet Nights – Contrary to what people think only stands for the wetness of the liquor flowing in the party hosted by OMAXI.

Frax– The Free Riders Association of Xlri. The people who sleep through XL and learn how to be be a burden on others without doing anything 😉 has been converted into both an adjective and a verb e.g. “You frax!” and “I have been fraxing this whole term, so won’t you do my project ?”

GRAXGossip and Rumor Association of Xlri. Also translated into a verb “We have been graxing about that RG chap”

RG – Relative Grading, the way you get a D even if you get 80/100 just because the top guy has got 98/100 and nobody has 89/100 ! As is wont, has been converted to a verb e.g. “The topper keeps on doing RG every term” .

Put Sack – to crash to sleep (comes naturally either in class or in your room!)

Put Enthu – What an XLer does when he/she needs to pump up the excitement.

Put Fight – What an XLer does when the end terms or paper submissions are looming large.

GBM – General Body Meeting (alas! Not an orgy yet! ) What XLers do to timepass as a group.

IIMC – The only other management institute in Eastern India with whom XLers have a weird relationship ;-P

Mess Food– The one hate after the previous mentioned item that unites XLers across the generations.

Bodhi Tree – The shady place where XLers have bonded, having DMC (deep meaningful conversations) with other XLers!

The Un-official XL Alumni site


OK, here are some facts (and fiction!) about XL (the loving nickname of XLRI) located in jampot (the loving nickname of Jamshedpur) in the Indian state of Jharkhand (earlier part of Bihar):

XL was established by Fr. Quinn in 1949 …yeah its the oldest B School in India !

On the 25th anniversary of XL, Fr. Tome said:

“What does 25 years mean to me personally. Certainly not the
building, not a campus, not even a viable institution. Let me put it this way. Some
years ago, when Raisa Maritain, wife of the famous French philosopher,
Jacques Maritain, wanted to thank God for all that had happened in her life,
she wrote a book about the greatest gift God had given to her and she
entitled the book We Have Been Friends Together. That is what this anniversary
means to me

“Unlike similar institutions that are amply funded from the very beginning,
for both capital costs and operations, our resources totaled zero. I will
share the secret with you once again. I believe it to be true, even though
it is against all the laws of that dark and murky science of economics. The
secret is this: decisions precede and generate resources, and not the
other way round

That statement in many ways sums up the spirit of XL and XLers (pronounced Excellers 😉 the products of XL. Even today the XL management states the defining culture as:

“The culture of XLRI is such that it accelerates the members’ passion for achieving excellence in everything they do. While informality, flexibility, humaneness, and espirit de corps are the hallmarks, growth and development of the whole person with integrity and ingenuity are the ‘summum bonum’ of the culture in XLRI.”


Also added a page with 4 poems of mine…