Holidaying in Coorg

ekta’s Mom and a cousin had come to Bangalore for 5 days andwe decided to take them to Coorg. Its called the Scotland of India and is 5 hours drive from Bangalore, and boy, is it lovely ! We stayed in a plantation estate that grows coffee (that’s Coorg’s main export) and pepper.

It was lush green and wet and we really had a great time !

Also saw a place called Cauvery Nisargadhama which has a deer park and huuuge bamboo forests…it was rainy and therefore we weren’t allowed to ride the boats 😦

Near Kushalnagar which is a central town in the Coorg area we saw a Tibetan settlement and their huge awe inspiring Ramdoling monastrey with three humongous Buddha and other statues 60 feet in height and plated with gold ! It’s definitely worth a visit !

Rahul Bose Movies

Happened to see two diametrically different Rahul Bose movies …one was Jhankaar Beats and the other was Mr. & Mrs. Iyer. And what powerhouse performances in both of them. I am a convert to Rahul-fandom !


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  1. even i had been to coorg long back.. wow man.. what a place..

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