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Books books books

Well I had this 1000 rupees gift coupon from Gangaram’s (a book shop) as a going away gift from my previous firm and yesterday I spent it ;-)) I bought:

The Life of Pi by Yann Martel
Then two books by Amitav Ghosh
The Calcutta Chromosome, and
The Shadow Lines
Shashi Tharoor’s The Great Indian Novel (that’s the name of the book;-)
And ever since Madhukar made me interested in Cross Cultural Management I wanted to read Geert Hofstede’s Cultures and Organizations and so I picked that up too !
Other books we picked up were:

52 weekend getaways from Bangalore by Outllook Traveller !



Yahoo! Groups ban…who is responsible?
“Some smaller ISPs had a totally different story to say. Instead of blaming the government or Yahoo!, they said they could do little because bandwidth providers have blocked access to that IP address. “


Government of India’s attempts to Block Yahoogroups ??

GOI had asked the ISPs to block access to a particular yahoogroup site, however, many ISPs have blocked access to entire yahoogroups site.

(It may not effect many yahoogroups members, but it does hinder moderators to do their job – and therefore, the effectiveness of the groups)

A copy of the government GO, which was available at:

It is from the Ministry of Communications and IT – LR Cell, signed by Jayant Kumar, Director, LR II (tel # 011 23372601)
It tells ISPs to block – and definitely not to block the whole of yahoogroups.

On Google news

And Yahoo Groups says

“India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT) recently issued an order
directing India’s ISPs to block access from India to the Yahoo! Groups
service operated by Yahoo! Inc. in Sunnyvale, California. Although the order
apparently was intended to block access to only one particular U.S.-based
group, the practical effect has been to block access from India to all of
Yahoo!’s U.S-based Groups. The Group targeted by the DoT did not at any time
appear on Yahoo! India. Yahoo! Inc. has requested that the DoT narrow the
scope and impact of its order and hopes the DoT will restore your access to
this service shortly.”

News items about the Ban made it across the world

In Australia
in UK
And of course in our Indian publications
Mid Day
Economic Times


Last week was a hectic socialising week 🙂

Dr.Madhukar Shukla, my prof from XL, who was in town for a consulting assignment, finally took up my long pending dinner invite and came home :-). Also invited was David D’Costa who got a bottle of Scotch along ;-))

Saachi was the winner that evening, with 5 packets of chocolates for her !

The previous day we had a meeting with Roshan Joseph, my ex-colleague from Satyam. Roshan was in town for a training programme and we went out for dinner at KFC on Brigade Road

on 28th, Ekta and I went to the Real Estate expo on Palace Grounds…phew ! Flats are so expensive !


Mahesh Murthy on why NOT to do an MBA

To B School or Not to Be

First: Understand that an MBA, in India at least, has nothing to do with education. Please ‘get’ this. It’s not that institutes teach you stuff that is irrelevant and obsolete. That’s probably true, too. It’s that nobody cares what you are taught here.

Second: An MBA is about filtration. You’re an employer – more likely, an HR person, and you have to hire the batch of 2004. You can either search far and wide for the right people, and expend a lot of energy – or take the easy way out. You assume that the top of the gene pool would have filtered up to the top of the MBA pool. So you set your sights on the right ‘level’ schools, and go hire at will. You secretly know your assumption is invalid, but everybody’s doing it so it’s okay. ”

Well there are six more points in that article ! Go ahead and read MM’s contrary view points 😀