Mahesh Murthy on why NOT to do an MBA

To B School or Not to Be

First: Understand that an MBA, in India at least, has nothing to do with education. Please ‘get’ this. It’s not that institutes teach you stuff that is irrelevant and obsolete. That’s probably true, too. It’s that nobody cares what you are taught here.

Second: An MBA is about filtration. You’re an employer – more likely, an HR person, and you have to hire the batch of 2004. You can either search far and wide for the right people, and expend a lot of energy – or take the easy way out. You assume that the top of the gene pool would have filtered up to the top of the MBA pool. So you set your sights on the right ‘level’ schools, and go hire at will. You secretly know your assumption is invalid, but everybody’s doing it so it’s okay. ”

Well there are six more points in that article ! Go ahead and read MM’s contrary view points πŸ˜€

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