Government of India’s attempts to Block Yahoogroups ??

GOI had asked the ISPs to block access to a particular yahoogroup site, however, many ISPs have blocked access to entire yahoogroups site.

(It may not effect many yahoogroups members, but it does hinder moderators to do their job – and therefore, the effectiveness of the groups)

A copy of the government GO, which was available at:

It is from the Ministry of Communications and IT – LR Cell, signed by Jayant Kumar, Director, LR II (tel # 011 23372601)
It tells ISPs to block http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/kynhun/ – and definitely not to block the whole of yahoogroups.

On Google news


And Yahoo Groups says

“India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT) recently issued an order
directing India’s ISPs to block access from India to the Yahoo! Groups
service operated by Yahoo! Inc. in Sunnyvale, California. Although the order
apparently was intended to block access to only one particular U.S.-based
group, the practical effect has been to block access from India to all of
Yahoo!’s U.S-based Groups. The Group targeted by the DoT did not at any time
appear on Yahoo! India. Yahoo! Inc. has requested that the DoT narrow the
scope and impact of its order and hopes the DoT will restore your access to
this service shortly.”

News items about the Ban made it across the world

In Australia
in UK
And of course in our Indian publications
Mid Day
Economic Times

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