The winners of the Gmail competition are ….

OK, I didn’t have to wait much to get the winners…here they are..

Nag’s reasons are:

“I dont know if you really have one extra GMAIL account (oh yes Nag, I do!) to part with but if you are willing to part with here
Here are few reasons why i want that account…
1. I blew the chance to have one: I am a member of “Google in your language” program (I help google in translation of there english pages in to kannada). They had sent me a mail asking me to sign up, but i was busy in somthing else and now i regret.

2.I might convert (in to a google fan that is):All my mails are at yahoo (, I use yahoo because the bandwidth we have here yahoo is the only mail i can access in hurry,, If google’s mail is as fast as its search then why not use google insted of yahoo..

3. I need some more space:I have few documents ( my resumes:):):) being in top of the list) few mails (rejection of my resumes) etc..which I have to access anywhere i go, with yahoo i cannot keep all of them, but with 1GB i think i can keep all of them.”

Congrats Nag for that honest post :-)) , but you need to check your yahoo account’s bulk mail folder…because apparently a gmail invitation lands up…so be careful!

While winner no. 2 Anurag has a pithy reason:

“challenged my GF (I assume that stands for girlfriend!) that even I can get a GMAIL account before it is open for all..!!”

Very valid reason, Anurag…there you go !

Congrats Nag and Anurag !(my, even their names rhyme….that’s another good reason 😉


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