Monthly Archives: July 2004

The carnival of the capitalists…

I was kicked today when after taking a break from the online world I discovered that my maiden entry for The Carnival of the Capitalists had been accepted !

Is this the equivalent of (corporate) blogging moksh? 🙂 Oh yes, I think I am entitled to feel proud !

P.S. Will be back to blogging next week.


Current Reading…

Picked up “The Namesake” by Jhumpa Lahiri. It’s started off really well, with a detailed description of childbirth and naming a child.

Deja vu?
And you have to be Bong to understand the difference between daaknam and bhalonaam, though Lahiri tries her best to demystify the philosophy for the non-Bong reader 🙂


The HR consulting market

The executive summary of the latest Kennedy Info report on the HR consulting market. Here are the highlights:

HR consulting firms will face increasing competition from BPO players and IT services. We’ve seen IBM touting it’s HR BPO win of P&G, right. Imagine how incredulous that would have sounded 3-4 years ago! Overall the report says that the HR consulting industry will grow at 4.3% CAGR between 2004 and 2007 to around $ 15.5 billion.



The Scobleizer

I had read about Robert Scoble in the Fast Company earlier. For those who don’t know, Robert Scoble (or Scobleizer, as a lot of his readers know him) is a Blogger who works with Microsoft.  And he is a popular Blogger (hundreds of folks link to him !). Here is his posting on “The Corporate Weblog Manifesto”

More on Businesses and Blogging here.


the problem with maids

The last week has been a nighmare as far as family life has been concerned.
First, our maid splashed boiling hot water over herself when she was making tea, effectively putting herself out of action for a couple of weeks. She then referred her sis-in-law for the job but she never came on time, with the result that the dishes kept piling up 😛
So we went ahead and hired another maid who cooks good food, but doesn’t work as well as far as cleaning and washing goes. So she got her sister yesterday for the remaining jobs ….
If you are still with me, you can guess how messy this has got now…and now not one of the maids has turned up…!