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Waiting for 7 weeks for non-Kannada films

The Kannada film producers recently approached the CM and demanded that non-Kannada films be released in Karnataka only after 7 weeks after their release date and that too with 6 prints !

non-Kannada films would cover English, Hindi, Telugu , Tamil and Malyalam movies in Bangalore. Yep, Bangalore is the only city where there are huge populations of non-local movie-goers and films in 6 different languages can run.

Why seven weeks? Don’t ask me , seems to be an arbit number 🙂

Following this, 21 theatre owners have shut down saying they can’t survive in such an eventuality.

Thank god for DVDs and VCDs :-))


Consulting News

Jay Wilson, ex-Chairman and CEO of Roper Starch Worldwide, and Simon Chadwick, until recently worldwide CEO of NOP World, announce the formation of their new management consulting company, Cambiar LLC.

BearingPoint eyes 40% revenue growth in South-East Asia while China becomes the management consulting market with the most rapid growth rate.
The latest statistics show that recruitment activity within the management consultancy sector is at a 5 year high. That comes because the business itself is booming with double digit growth, riding primarily on outsourcing. No wonder consultants look such a happy lot.

Forrester however reports that there is no clear leader in low-cost services delivery model in the IT consulting market after comparing IBM, EDS, Accenture along with TCS, Wipro and Infosys.

TCS debut …Bangalore vs Chennai…Domestic IT market

The country’s biggest and (until now) least hyped IT firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) finally debuted in the BSE yesterday and looks like it’ll have a foriegn listing in about a year. Nasdaq or NYSE?

Already with Rs. 500,000,000,000 (US $ 11 b) it is the biggest Indian IT firm by market cap and third biggest in the BSE after ONGC and Reliance.

The stock rose around 16% on the first day of trading and resulted in quite a few of the other IT firms (Infosys, Wipro, Satyam) whose shares fell due to the TCS effect. Ratan Tata also shared that TCS could look at consolidating with the other Tata group technology companies (Tata Elxsi, Tata Interactive Systems, CMC, VSNL (?))

In other news Gartner tells the IT big boys to concentrate on the increasingly lucrative domestic Indian market. That is where the Tatas have an edge after having taken over CMC.

And while Bangalore and Hyderabad were fighting over IT firms to set up shop there, looks like Chennai has silently set up huge infrastructure and is making this a three way race.

Gmail invites

Hi folks Gmail has recently refreshed the number of invites I can send out. So if you want a Gmail account send in your requests as a comment to this blog post with your mail id. Please note a Hotmail or Yahoo mail id may send in your Gmail invite to either the junk or bulk mail folders so give me some other email that you use.

Troy…and other movies

Life hasn’t been the same since I got Ekta a DVD player for her birthday.

So yesterday we caught the movie Troy . It was visually great though nothing compared to Gladiator or the epic war movies. However what it did was capture the futility of war specially through the eyes of Brad Pitt) who fights so that his “name will be known for a thousand years”. Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana are great too.

Recently some of the other films we have have caught are the animation favourites:
Jungle Book
Jungle Book 2
Finding Nemo
Lion King
Hakuna Matata (lion king 1 1/2!)

It’s been a pleasure rediscovering them with Saachi and looking forward to seeing them again in 3 years along with Suruchi !