XL alumni movements update

  1. A John Idicula (a.k.a “Titto”), PM IR ’77 has joined Metro Cash ‘n’Carry in Bangalore as Head of HR. Titto was earlier running a trainingcompany called “Transcend” and also consulting to Convergent Software.
  2. Titto replaces another XLer in Metro, Raj Narayan, (from PMIR ’83?)who has moved to Metro Cash and Carry International as a SeniorLeadership Trainer and will be based in Dusseldorf, Germany.
  3. Pawan Borle (pmir ’93) who was Director HR of Pramati has joinedCypress Semiconductors in Bangalore as head of HR
  4. Kumar Abhishek also moves from Hyd to Standard Chartered’s HR setup in Bangalore
  5. Bhavana Issar (pmir 96) has joined the TI HR team in Bangalore.Bhavana was earlier at StanChart.
  6. Purnima Srivastava (pmir 96) has joined Infy in the PeopleSoftpractice as a functional HR consultant.
  7. Vikrant Patwardhan (pmir 99) joins KPMG as a HR consultant and iscurrently in Hyderabad. Vikrant dabbled in freelance consulting andtraining after he left Patni some months ago.
  8. Vandana Vishnu (pmir 99) moves to Pune as a freelance HR consultantand trainer from Goa where she was a Prof at Goa Inst of Management.
  9. Roshni Venkatesh (bm 99) moves to Dubai TECON from Mumbai KPMG.
  10. Meenakshi Priyam (pmir 2002) joins YES Bank in Mumbai after a stintwith HR consulting firm Watson Wyatt

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Gautam is a HR professional interested in how emerging technologies are impacting work, careers and organizations.

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  1. hi Gautam
    I do read with interest your blog and i feel they are good and engaging ..keep it up..XL for a lot of us was and still is our own world ..where we can just be..whatever we wanna be..emotional bond and release sometimes needs emphasis..and its not just old school boys network..that sucks actually..
    having said that it does offer interesting insights…keep in touch..

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