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shaking off the shackles of the industrial revolution

Bill Ives of the Portals and KM blog notices my post on my weekend musings and refers to his similar thoughts and talks about a video titled “Intellectual Capital: The New Wealth of Nations,” produced by the Open University in the UK which referred to the Industrial Revolution as an intellectual bubonic plague, the narrative says that people were now treated as interchangeable cogs and wealth was now based primarily on physical assets. It then attributes the world’s wars and other evils to this movement. Bill also points to Charles Handy’s thoughts that in a post-industrial economy, it is people that have knowledge who own the new means of production, turning Marx’s prediction on its head. He points out that this change from an industrial to a know-based economy requires a new approach to management. Managers now must understand and operate under the principal that the unique knowledge that employees bring to work is the key competitive differentiator. But in many instances, management (and I guess he refers to not just people’s attitudes, but organizational processes and policies also [what else can explain Friendster firing Troutgirl? !!]) has not caught up to the new economy. Read on to see how such an attitude can hamper KM and Collaboration efforts.

And once we say collaboration, we are talking about all creative processes (and most of administrative processes) in organizations. So this legacy of the 18 century still impacts our productivity and success in the 21st century. Whoever said that history’s burden was an easy one to shrug off?


List of blogs maintained by CEOs across the world

See this list at the PR wiki

The aim of this Club is to gather CEOs who believe in the blogosphere and
its extraodinary potential and to offer them a place to share with other
companies leaders the experimentation they are conducting thanks to

Amazing ! If those are regularly updated and actually written by CEOs !

Swiss staffig firm takes stake in Indian HR firm

Swiss firm Adecco the biggest staffing group in the world has taken a 67% stake in Indian HR consulting firm Peopleone.

Yahoo Biz reports: Peopleone Consulting reported more than $6 million in revenues last year and is on track to more than double this in 2004/05, Adecco said in a statement.

The jobs firm did not disclose the price but said it would pay a sum in cash, which would result in it becoming the sole owner of the business over time. The purchase will make Adecco the market leader in India, it said.

India has seen a strong growth in its employment market in recent years as its economy expands.

Are you a technical recruiter? Microsoft is looking for people like you

Hi folks picked this up from Zoe & Gretchen’s (who are technical recruiters at Microsoft) Blog

Here is the detailed job description:

Central Sourcing Consultant – Technical

Are you passionate about identifying and recruiting the world’s top technical talent? Microsoft’s Technical Central Sourcing Team is looking for an exceptional recruiter to join our innovative team as we explore new methods to source, evaluate, and pipeline technical candidates for the company’s business groups. We live by big, bold goals!

This Central Sourcing Consultant will be responsible for developing and executing upon a strategy to ensure a constant flow of high quality leads into
assigned pipelines. To fill these pipelines, this recruiter will utilize direct sourcing techniques and the mining of the internal data warehouse while also managing other sourcing resources, such as events, research, agencies, and vendors. This recruiter may also assist other team members or pipelines as necessary to ensure the overall success of the Technical Central Sourcing Team.

The ideal candidate will exhibit a strong passion for the external candidate experience and engagement and will provide proven ability in self-sufficiently managing projects and agency/vendor relationships. The ideal candidate must also be detail oriented, deal well with ambiguity, demonstrate strong strategic thinking and creativity skills, and be an effective communicator with both internal and external partners/customers.

Requirements include 6-9 years of internet and direct sourcing experience (cold calling, networking, and headhunting) and demonstrated success in filling technical jobs with complex search criteria. A proven track record of follow up and follow through with candidates and managers in a fast-paced environment is a must. Familiarity with project, event, and vendor management and experience with a central sourcing/high volume recruiting team is highly desired. A BS degree in a related technical area is preferred.

The position is located in Redmond, WA. We have a great compensation, relocation and benefits plan. Not to mention all the fun you’re gonna have working with us 🙂
You can contact them for more queries or apply online. Best of luck !

Saachi in Japanese

Found from some co-workers who know Japanese that “saachi” in Japanese
means happiness.
That makes us happy too !