Lucknow musings

The visit to Lucknow was quite an experience. The city has changed so much !

There are all the big brands there, Pizza Hut near the GPO, Dominos on Faizabad Road, Barista’s and Cafe Coffee Day on Ganj, McDonald’s in Gomti Nagar in a multiplex. Wow!

Then there were reports that large areas of Lucknow were being wified ….also places like the Gomti corridor between Lucknow and Kanpur.

Then there were some shockers like Aminabad seemed less cluttered ! 🙂

But somethings hadn’t changed. Tunday ke kabab were as delicious as ever (suggestion, have them straight, don’t choose the option of having them with parantha !), chat at Royal Cafe next to Capoors was as fingerrlickin’ good and the Residency looked forlorn as ever (barring a few couples furtively hiding 😉

Of course, there were the mandatory relatives to be met, the Puja pandals to be visited. The roads have grown wider, but traffic seems to have quadrupled ! I missed seeing the Vikram autos. Now Lucknow has 3 seater autos like other cities, and scary white Sumos and some white mini-buses that pass off as public transport ! Of course, the white is not too visible, as student politicians from LU and KKC have used these as mobile billboards to campaign for their respective union elections ;-)) !

Vinay, Soumitra, apologies for not being able to meet. Am also mortified to miss Vishal’s wedding (but was too scared to go near Clarks during Dussehra evening, later heard horror tales about the traffic jam there!)

Passed infront of SFC, and noticed a new hotel on Shahnazaf Road, that somebody said was a “great place” for food.

God! I love that city !


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  1. Yaar kyon senti kar diya…

  2. Brings back old memories!
    And how about Charbagh & Aminabad?


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