Managing the Gamer Generation

From the Harvard Business School Working Knowledge series:

They are different from you and me, this generation born after 1970. They grew up with a finger on the keyboard and an ear to the cell phone, and in a world where the forces of globalization have broken down national barriers like no time in history.
And right now this group is moving up in the business ranks, becoming managers, partners, and eventually CEOs.
Chances are you manage employees from this generation, and it’s not far-fetched
to believe you may yourself be managed by them before you check out of your
If the book Got Game: How the Gamer Generation is Reshaping Business Forever is correct, the “gamer generation” will make very different kinds of employees and managers.
Actually, say authors John C. Beck and Mitchell Wade, gamers will make great workers and great employees. They know how to work in teams, are creative problem solvers, and believe that nothing is impossible. But managers need to know what makes this new generation tick in order to manage them effectively.


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