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The Global Knowledge Review

My deadline for an article which I committed to David Gurteen is coming closer. I’m still wondering what I should write for the Global Knowledge Review.

Any suggestions?
What would you like to read about if you were getting the GKR?

CEO recruitment

Picked this up from Om Malik’s blog:

Attention headhunters : If all corporations take Rice University’s advise, then you all will be looking for new gigs. In a recent study they found that that despite a sharp increase in the “number of CEOs at U.S. companies have been recruited from outside those firms, a new study suggests that boards of directors should look inside their
organizations before filling this critical position.” Love the name of the study
by Yan (Anthea) Zhang of Rice University’s Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of
Management and Nandini Rajagopalan of the University of Southern California — When The Known Devil is Better Than an Unknown God: An Empirical
Study of the Antecedents and Consequences of Relay CEO Successions


FDI in retail, aviation in India

Sujan has an informed post about Foreign Direct Investment in the Indian Retail sector.

Another FDI debate that got stirred up was the announcement by Richard Branson that he would like to invest in his personal capacity in some Indian domestic carrier in the vicinity of 25-49%. Wonder how the government would interpret that ?

Oh oh, they said they are OK with it !

A humorous look at the Reliance imbroglio

OK, a lot of investors might feel that the Ambani feud is no laughing matter, but BombayType has this hilarious look at the “bhailog-ka-locha” :-)!

Saachi’s third Birthday

We celebrated Saachi’s third birthday on Saturday ! On Friday we took a cake to her school and she loved cutting it in front of her”aunties” and friends 🙂 On Saturday we went to the Bannerghatta National park (37 km from home) for a Lion/Tiger Safari . She loved that too !However that tired us all so much that we spent Sunday totally at home!

We caught up on some movies…saw Veer-Zaara, Naach at home over the last few weeks (no theatre viewing as the film industry crisis in Karnataka refuses to go away !). They are good movies.

Yesterday was a surprise, school buddy Tanmaya (oops should call him Dr. Tanmaya Goel now) called at around 11 pm! He’s doing his MCH or something from Manipal . He might be coming to Bangalore next weekend as (Dr.) Rishi Sethi would also be here for some conference. Ought to be fun to catch up.