Saachi’s third Birthday

We celebrated Saachi’s third birthday on Saturday ! On Friday we took a cake to her school and she loved cutting it in front of her”aunties” and friends 🙂 On Saturday we went to the Bannerghatta National park (37 km from home) for a Lion/Tiger Safari . She loved that too !However that tired us all so much that we spent Sunday totally at home!

We caught up on some movies…saw Veer-Zaara, Naach at home over the last few weeks (no theatre viewing as the film industry crisis in Karnataka refuses to go away !). They are good movies.

Yesterday was a surprise, school buddy Tanmaya (oops should call him Dr. Tanmaya Goel now) called at around 11 pm! He’s doing his MCH or something from Manipal . He might be coming to Bangalore next weekend as (Dr.) Rishi Sethi would also be here for some conference. Ought to be fun to catch up.


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  1. Did you really like Veer Zaara? That makes it three out of hundreds of people that I’ve met, and who have seen the movie, who liked VZ.
    That apart, I liked your blog’s title. Keep posting.

  2. Happy 3rd Birthday to little Saachi!! The kids are growing fast! Suruchi is already travelling??!!!

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