The toxicification of education

When we visited RIE somebody pointed out to a booklet by Aditya Narayanan called “All the perfumes of Arabia will not, Dr. Joshi”

It focusses on how the NDA government tried to change what is taught as history to today’s schoolchildren, systematically wiping out facts and drawing a fictional account as history. For example, the syllabus seems to suggest things like:

a. The Harappan and Aryan civilizations were similar
b. The pictures of the Harappan civilizations were altered from earlier textbooks to make artefacts look more like Aryan artefacts.
c. The Russian revolution was a ‘coup’
d. The Bolsheviks were dictators like Nazis and Fascists

while Arjun Singh has launched his ‘de-toxification’ drive, I take heart from the fact that history is not such a fragile thing that can be broken on a whim of a government or ruler…facts will out…


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