Monthly Archives: March 2005

Travel to Mysore

So when the long weekend finally dawned on us we decided to say “let’s go!” to our Alto and drive down to Mysore (which is 150 kms…less than 100 miles from our home!)

We planned to leave early on friday morning….but getting the kids and stuff ready meant that we could leave only by 8.15 am !

On the way, we stopped at a place called KaduMane for breakfast ! God ! The place was crawling with tourists…and then it dawned on us…everybody seemed to be heading for Mysore (except of course, bloggers like Anita and Pallavi!)

Panic stations! We hadn’t yet booked a room at Mysore…and we didn’t know what we were going to do if we didn’t get a room…

Thankfully we had the Outlook book on 52 weekend breaks from Bangalore, so we called up a sub Rs 1000 room at the Dasaprakash Paradise hotel and thankfully they had a room and we booked it.

Finally reached Mysore at 2 pm …and it had been my longest drive at a stretch ever (the previous one having been from home to Bannerghatta zoo!) and so a warm water bath with the kids was a perfect antidote to the stress, followed by thali meals (during which Suruchi and Saachi made such a racket in the restaurant that we resolved to order the other meals at the room!)

Evening we headed towards the world famous Brindavan Gardens built alongside the Krishna Raja Sagar dam. We lost the way and chanced to see the Cauvery as a huge lake with the sun setting on it ! It was an amazing sight. And thank god we lost our way 🙂

Next day we went to Ekta’s alma mater, the Regional Institute of Education. It’s a beautiful campus and looked better as folks were busy playing Holi !


Holi…here and now

Something about staying in a apartment block which is 90% populated by people who are not co-religionists…

One never gets to celebrate one’s religious festivals like one would like to…with a community…

And its not about the religion stuff so much anyway…but rather the community bonding that religion is often an excuse for…I mean Holi in Lucknow was so much more about friends and fun than about religion….

Sometimes I wonder whether Saachi and Suruchi will miss out on all that I learnt from such festivals…and then I tell myself that my learnings were relevant in my time and space….and that their learning will be relevant to here and now…and maybe Ekta and my learning will also get passed to them…relevant to their context.

Have a great Holi-day !

To all my readers, here’s wishing you all a great and colorful Holi !

Google finally opens at Hyd

It’s beta no more…after 9 months of operations, the Google Hyderabad team is finally live.

Check this cool write up at the Googleblog

unlike other offices, we have Indian food for lunch every day. Perhaps most important, we have launched the first chapter of the International Google Cricket Club, where the preferred delivery is, naturally, a googly.

I mean, if my readership gets so big, that I can get Adwords support at apna Hyderabad? Cool!

Looking past the $ dreams

One IIM Ahmedabad MBA student was reported (and covered extensively by the media) to be offered a whopping US $ 150,000 salary !

Rashmi Bansal (herself an IIM A alumnus) decodes the placement news for us lay folk…on her blog in this post titled The $150,000 googly.

I quote this bit from the post:

Bottomline: Take all these figures about MBA placements with a fistful of salt. There are many good reasons to consider doing an MBA but the hope of that $150,000 job should not be one of them. The richest men in the world – like L N Mittal – have made their millions not on the backs of MBAs but native intelligence, hard work and good luck. If that’s your dream – follow their example!