O’Henry’s “gift of the magi” served twisted in Bhojpuri Hindi with mainstream bollywood stars and a Kolkata director.

Rituparno Ghosh (no relation to me!) directs about how perennial loser , down-and-out on luck Ajay Devgan arrives in Kolkata to beg his friends in for money to start a business.

In Kolkata, he meets his lost love Aishwarya Rai, who had married a rich guy long years ago.

How they spin their webs of deception to make themselves seem more rich and more classy and the final twist in the tale is what makes up the film.

Watchable…but I thought Aishwarya was not the perfect casting for this role. Maybe Rani would have been a better choice?


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  1. GG, the juniors are taking you for one of my batchmates… :))


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