It was getting boring …

…to read Heather and the others discuss The Apprentice episodes in the US recruitment blogs, while we get to see the Don in last season’s episodes. So this news from the Sepia Mutiny woke me up with glee.

After the huge success of the reality show Indian Idol on Sony Entertainment Television, Freemantle Media, which conceived the programme, is set to tap the huge potential of the Indian market for reality shows. Freemantle Media will host The Apprentice, one of its most popular shows in India. “We are planning to introduce The Apprentice later this year. The show will be telecast on the Star network,” says Gavin Wood, director of production, India Freemantle Media. One of the most popular television reality series in the world today, The Apprentice will be conceived on the lines it is aired in different parts of the Asia, Europe and the United States.

Yes, yes. We will export cut-throat corporate world behavior to the third world
now. I wonder if Laxmi Mittal will be the tycoon.

“India is a land of great creativity, talent and passion. The spark among the people is truly amazing,” says Wood. “Although the television Industry in India is young, it is very professional and has high quality standards which is lacking in many other countries where the industry is much older than in India. The television sector with its wide reach will be a major driver of growth in the entertainment sector,” Wood explains.

What they don’t seem to understand is the potential trauma that rejected
contestants could suffer in Indian society. Just imagine being fired, coming
home and having to listen to your Indian mother point out the fact that the
other people’s children haven’t been fired yet.


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  1. Indian Idol was a huge success but they had to customize it to suit indian sensibilities. now i can’t imagine other American reality shows like the “the bachelor” or “joe millionaire” working in india.

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