Monthly Archives: June 2005

Welcome visitors..

I noticed my blog stats after a long time and noticed a hit each from countries like Hungary, Korea, Portugal, Trinidad and Tobago, Croatia and Cyprus

I wonder what they came here looking for 🙂

Hi !!

Deja vu, Mr.Premji?

Sometimes history repeats itself, but a little differently. Wipro has lost its Vice Chairman Vivek Paul, the highest paid Indian professional manager (at $ 1 million) in quick succession to the exit of Raman Roy, who used to head Wipro BPO.

The question that needs to be asked is, why do the best managers leave Mr. Premji’s organization?


The maid problems…

…why can’t they just go away !

I mean the problems…

The maids refuse to stay…

And they don’t even give notice period…

Kick ass bongs

Samit Basu has this post on Kick Ass Bongs. Bantul the great brought back memories of journeys to Uttarpara and ending up reading the only comics in town, which had Bantul in them.

Bantul (a nickname meaning “shorty”) is a short but super-powerful character who’s a kid running into adventures.

Ah! The things blogosphere reminds you of!


30in2005 claims she’s sudoku’d.
Are you?