Leadership and psychometric testing

Rob at Businesspundit announced that he thinks studies about leadership are irrelevant.

I am an INTP. We are one of the smallest of the Myers Briggs groups, and that does create problems for us at work. But more importantly, it explains why studies about leadership, are (usually) irrelevant.

Well I also am an INTP, but lets not talk about that here πŸ™‚

Psychometric tests aren’t supposed to tell you what you need to do to be a better leader. These tests give one the insight into what drives them, motivates them and makes one more self-aware. Sure, it can be argued that these can be tampered with and that is why the tests shouldn’t be used for selection, promotion but only for self-development.

Leadership studies based on traits theory are bound to fail. That is because business success has a lot of variables attached with it outside the traits and characteristics of the leaders.

Coming back to psychometric tests, one can use a variety of instruments to assess oneself on various parameters. One of the better tests is FIRO-B (which gathers insights into how an individual’s needs for inclusion, control, and affection can shape his or her interactions with others). When choosing a psychometric test one needs to choose a test that has been validated. More on this thread later.


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  1. FIRO B is great. (Is it now called the Element B? Anyway.. Anyway, I was lucky enough to actually do the FIRO B psychometric exercise with Will Shutz the designer of the tool. Have you read his book that goes with the tool called Profound Simplicity? Fab. And one of the most insightful tools re: awareness building available.)
    And congrats on your A+ CoTC blog!

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