Booming market for HR books in India

The HBS Press honcho says

“HR (human resource) books are very popular in India and are in great demand,” said Mark Bloomfield, the associate publisher and world marketing in charge of Harvard Business School Press (HBSP).

“Blue Ocean Strategy”, co-authored by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, continued to “sell like crazy”, Bloomfield said. It has had 29 translations worldwide and 140,000 copies of the English version have sold so far.Another HBSP title that has sold well in India, according to Bloomfield, is “The New Leader”, which is the British edition of “Primal Leader”, the original US version.He said HBSP was bringing out a new book by Richard Boyatzis and Anne McKee, titled “Resonant Leadership”. The company was also getting ready for a November release in India of “The Heart of Change Field Guide”, a tools and tactics manual for organisational change.Bloomfield said the largest number of buyers for HBSP editions in India were in Bangalore.Among the Indian authors on HBSP list are Nirmalya Kumar, Sumantra Ghoshal and C.K. Prahalad.

Whew ! I never realised that. Should I start writing a HR book now? Hey how about making this blog into a book. Would you pay to read my rants?

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  1. That may not mean that these are read, forget implementation. Yes, we’d need a publisher though 🙂
    And a foreward from Brockbank would help immensely.

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