Wish you all a happy blogday today !

Here are five blogs I think you should go check out:

Yes – By Marginalien

Lobster Blogster – A Russian blog – or am I russian’ into judgement?
Respect Me – I had to pick this for its URL alone 🙂
Sharky – OK, it’s not a new blog that I’ve come across today…and it’s not of another culture…but you really have to read Sharky…what he’s doing doing Finance stuff, I’ll never understand

About Gautam

Gautam is a HR professional interested in how emerging technologies are impacting work, careers and organizations.

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  1. Lobster Blogster is published from under the sea, and is certainly not Russian. Thank you for the compliment though.

  2. Happy Birthday, Gauty.

  3. Some of these blogs are excellent, Gautam! Ah, the talent…!! But guess what? I am feeling pretty depressed! The more quality blogs I see, the more I am reminded of the fact that it is practically impossible for me to read them all! Actually, I ought to say that I find it difficult to read even a few of them and – not on a daily basis, but even on a weekly basis! The books, the magazines, the newspapers, the blogs, the hobbies and of course the work! I badly want to find out what the best practices of the blogging world are like! How do people manage to read so much? Work takes away 13 hours a day! What remains? The saturdays and sundays are simply not enough to do all that you want to! Sometimes, I just happen to visit a blog when I feel like taking a break from work and get sucked into the world of one, go on to another and then the third….blah blah. Suddenly out pops the thought that I ought to be getting back to work and it feels like I’ve been watching the sea when one of the waves splashed me so hard that I was knocked down cold…Being satisfied with my regular dose of information and interpretations of the world (blogs) doesn’t come easy to me…the thirst is unquenchable….

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