The Talent Wars

Jobster CEO Jason writes about his views on the Talent wars in the new age. And I think it’s a struggle for most organizations and their recruitment divisions to transition from their old mindsets to new mindsets.

Remember, the people who are in charge in most organizations are people who grew up with earlier assumptions.

And I wonder if they are going to be ever ready for the new wave in organizations.

While Jason does get it right, he is still speaking from the perspective of an employer and employee contractual assumption.

What will happen when people become more and more “free agents” and “fleas” looking at organizations to fulfill their higher calling, their vocation in life? How will talent magnets be different from people from whom talent runs away?

Here are some thoughts:

1. As people work more and more for meeting their inner creative desire, the challenges that organizations give have to change. And they will not come forth if the products from organizations are not creative.

2. As more “traditional” work begins to move from hard-core organizational boundaries, the lines between employer and employee themselves will blur. Because, if one employer cannot pay for work, it will be taken to another.

3. Dave Pollard (how I admire this guy!) posts on the new structure of the organization that gives rise to some more questions….questions like: Would employees be willing to forgo higher salaries (and much higher salaries if they reached the top echelons of traditional organizations) for the more human, healthy working environment of the New Age organizations sketched above?

Interesting thoughts…what do you think?

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