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A few bloggers like Anita and Rob have been meeting Richard Branson and blogging about it. This post by Anita is a great insight into one of the most extraordinary entrepreneurs.

He describes his hodgepodge of 200 or 300 companies as a jigsaw, and says that he refuses to be held by conventional thinking about sticking to your knitting. Rather, he remains fluid in his thinking and does not rule out anything: “The more diffuse the company becomes, the more frequently I am asked about my vision for Virgin. I tend either to avoid this question or to answer it at great length, safe in the knowledge that I will give a different version the next time I’m asked. My vision for Virgin has never been rigid and changes constantly, like the company itself.”

The refusal to be held by conventional thinking. Now here’s an innovator in the true sense of the word.
That’s the thing that should be taught in today’s education system ! Not merely rote learning, but learning how to learn and unlearn !

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