Coaching classes for CAT exams in India

Someone once told me that more people enrolled in IT training academies in India in the 1980s and 1990s than the people that TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Satyam and HCL combined employed totally !

I’m not sure about that, but we know what Rashmi means when she says the same about coaching classes for MBA exams.

A huge industry — mostly headed and fuelled by IIM alumni — has convinced lakhs of students that if they practise long enough and hard enough, they stand a chance of making it. It is a myth that classes actively propagate and one that students choose to believe.

I have nothing against coaching (yes, I did take up a correspondence course and gleefuly passed on the material to two siblings who also cleared CAT :))

But the point is, God helps only those who help themselves. And so it is with coaching.

Practising shortcuts and solving mock papers can give those with the basic ability an added edge. But there is no way it can phenomenally improve your basic verbal, quantitative and reasoning skills.

Qualities which, frankly, are lacking in a large number of CAT aspirants.

The number of e-mails I receive, with incredibly poor English, asking for advice on ‘how to make it to IIMs’ would be amusing, if it weren’t so sad. A couple of 100 percent real (unedited) samples:

“I am engineering student , what is the next step to select for my further studies.Is it better to continue my engineering studie s or i go to business studies which is the beter one”


Is there any real hope for such aspirants?

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  1. hi,
    i m doing BCA and want to give CAT. can u tell me that from were the classes for cat begins ? that is from which month ? i m in ahemdabad. and want to know which classes are best to pass Cat succesfully with good marks. Can u please help me with this ?

  2. Hi Kiran

    Of course that does not mean you are a loser. That just means you have to work harder !

  3. I just read the date of this post. I dont think you’ll reply to my comment.By the way, I forgot to tell you that I like your name!! (Though its common, I jus adore it….!! )

  4. Hi Gautam,
    I am veryyyy bad in Maths. So you mean to say there is no real hope for me too! Well, I was surfing for some pages which could motivate me.(thought this would be a similar one…:P ) I agree with you to some extent but that doesn’t mean the above aspirants are all losers. I am in my S.Y.BCom (We are students who cannot do sums without calculators…) I have just started preparing for my CAT.Math is tough coz I am doing it after a long time.Got around 126 on 150 in my SSC.Well, I know that score has nothing to do with CAT(hehe).And by the way, I am doing a deep study in Etymology and I am very sure that will help me.Anyways, I’ll visit your blog soon to see for your reply.

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