Monthly Archives: December 2005

The Indian Craigslist?

Came across this free classified site recently. The craigslist clone? Do Indian newspapers have to start worrying now?

Actually Criagslist has Indian cities like Bangalore and Mumbai listed, but only if the net penetration reaches a critical mass and cost of access keeps falling, and Indic fonts catch on, only then will newspapers have to start worrying in India.

Check this item too.


Who you gonna blame now?

Attrition is endemic to the BPO industry, whether its entry level or top level.

“It’s the natural conclusion as opportunities are lot more with people exercising their options,” says Wipro Spectramind ex HR head S Varadarajan.

JIT hiring?

Now that is a new piece of jargon.

The process may be very efficient, but I have grave doubts if it is half as effective as traditional hiring methods. Sure, there exist lots of space in the traditional processes to cut time and slack, but decisions on pay fitment and reference checks will take the time as they do at present. If one rushes through them then it might be dangerous!

Campus Recruitment

How do IT and other majors hire from campus and why.

As more and more companies start going to campuses we’ll see a lot more activity moving from technical & MBA campuses to plain vanilla degree campuses also.

I am also fairly certain that there will emerge a different kind of ‘headhunting firm’ that focusses on campus recruitment and advises organizations on building relationships and branding themselves on campuses.

Job Search during the holidays

Microsoft’s blogger Jenna tells us why the festive holidays are the best time to go job hunting!

Companies are still hiring and a lot of candidates are not looking, so it is easy to stand out and be noticed. It is also easy to sneak away from your present employer for that all-day interview; the boss will just assume are headed out to buy another office party gift.