Happy New Year !

The new year opened with a lot of great news for me. For starters I moved to a new organization as a HR Manager for a technology consulting business. It seems a great new challenge to start the year with.

Then there was this article in the DNA which featured a quote by me.

The big news was John Sumser’s acknowledgement of this blog ! Whew ! That raises expectations and I hope to live upto them !

And then Regina pointed out that I am number 350 on this network list.

Whew !

Then there’s my case study in the January issue of Human Capital (available in India only, I think!)


About Gautam

Gautam is a HR professional interested in how emerging technologies are impacting work, careers and organizations.

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  1. You can take the rest of the year off, then!!


  2. Wow !Quite interesting.You are getting popular internationally.Nice blog.Have you thought of categorising ur blogs.It’ll be of great help to the readers.

  3. Hey
    Great News.. btw which co is it??

  4. Congrats, GG. And a Happy New Year!
    Blog On!

  5. Jesus! Quite a year dude πŸ™‚ Keep going πŸ˜€

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