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Conversations with the Pizza guy

Praveen describes a painful pizza order taker !

What the web thinks of me…

From Googlism, this is hilarious !

  • gautam is surprised to learn that john is simmi’s son (was I?)
  • gautam is a researcher and associate professor in the mechanical and aerospace engineering department of wvu’s college of engineering and mineral resources (phew!)
  • gautam is a psychiatrist in private practice in ottawa (maybe in another life 😉
  • gautam is an alumnus of xlri (that’s me!)
  • gautam is responsible for scheduling events and speakers for the svpma (huh?)
  • gautam is paying a heavy price for standing up against corruption (boo-hoo!)
  • gautam is also fluent in hindi writing (I hope so!)
  • gautam is defending the dissolution order of prime minister sher bahadur deuba (did I? Great!)
  • gautam is dearly missed by all of us who were lucky to be his friend (noooo!!)
  • gautam is on familiar ground (maybe not all the time !)
  • gautam is currently the chief technology officer of iris usa (another life again?)
  • gautam is responsible for the technical vision of iris technologies (ditto!)
  • gautam is new vc of pantnagar agriculture university (nope, and neither do I desire to be, though Pantnagar is a beautiful place!)
  • gautam is a beacon to all proletarian revolutionaries in nepal and elsewhere (good for me!)
  • gautam is a scriptwriter and music freak too (not a freak, surely! I would love to be a scriptwriter however!)
  • gautam is mihir and tulsi first (gaah!)
  • gautam is and he lies to her saying he is with aarti (who’s Aarti??)
  • gautam is a connoisseur of guitar (I wish!!)
  • gautam is about 5’7″ (naah, at least 2 inches taller !)
  • gautam is a senior scientist in the division of entomology (insects?? gaah!)
  • gautam is the convenor of the defence committee seeking fair trial for the accused in the december 13 attack of the indian parliament (phew!)
  • gautam is a co (heh ! I wonder what that means)
  • gautam is the professor of management and was the first head of the (crystal ball gazing??)
  • gautam is involved in several philanthropical projects in india and is a member of rotary international (the day I have enough money, surely!)
  • gautam is here (that’s true, and now!)
  • gautam is facing much criticism within the party regarding the appointment of narahari shangraula (I hope to overcome this with my voters’ support and people’s power. Thank you!)
  • gautam is the only biostatistician in nepal with his level of experience (Bio-statistician? Huh? I never knew that there was a job like that!)
  • gautam is an avid ice hockey player and also enjoys playing the violin (wrong on both counts! Maybe, if I lived in Canada….)
  • gautam is every inch the cosmopolitan (thank you!)
  • gautam is one of those politicians averse to india (noo ! Please don’t believe such lies about me!)
  • gautam is a student of humanities and social sciences at the mahendra ratna campus (some other life perhaps)
  • gautam is the assistant vice president (Not yet, 2 more promotions to go!)
  • gautam is also an occasional journalist writing opinion pieces on business (that’s me!)
  • gautam is stating (all the time 😉
  • gautam is hit on the head (ouch !)
  • gautam is an eminent performing musician and a musicologist (wrong again, although it would be fun to live that life!)
  • gautam is one of the most optimistic people i know (thank you!)
  • gautam is an informal group of people who have organised this event for the past eight years to commemorate the birthday of a dear friend (That sounds more dedicated than I have been)
  • gautam is chairman & ceo of instanex capital consultants (nope)
  • gautam is of the opinion that one should not waste time to purify him after copulation (HUH??)
  • gautam is of (what)
  • gautam is the same old person one had seen in 1997 (you mean I don’t grow up?)
  • gautam is already diversifying into setting up mega infrastructure facilities like ports (me, a corporation? Sorry I don’t aspire for that!)
  • gautam is currently an assistant secretary (never was!)
  • gautam is currently unicef regional director for east asia (wow!)
  • gautam is the founding director of the university of ottawa faculty wellness program (When I play ice hockey, maybe then !)
  • gautam is a known figure in project planning and management and alternative sources (Sounds too complicated for simple ol’ me)
  • gautam is a historian as well as a renowned human right activist (I wish again!)
  • gautam is deputy executive director of unicef (wow again!)
  • gautam is a very unpopular student leader (Awww !)
  • gautam is in his early fifties and ms (huh?)
  • gautam is a karate expert (Don’t mess with me)
  • gautam is an old timer at corven (what’s corven?)
  • gautam is planning to arrive in the austin area on september 1 (I am?)
  • gautam is vice chair now (That’s the height of objectification!)
  • gautam is grateful and thankful for each of you who regularly pray and support the ministry of amo (what??)
  • gautam is currently at the school of management iit (heh, doppelganger, 7 years behind !)
  • gautam is an eminent educationist (whew !)
  • gautam is chairman and president of several renowed institutions including the sanskirt sahitya academy and the literature section of the 8th world sanskrit (Sanskrit always scared me!)
  • gautam is finishing his last year of law school and graduates may 2002 (This one I gotta meet!)
  • gautam is the new breed of tough (huh? Me? tough?)
  • gautam is the management support assistant (naah!)
  • gautam is very “humorous” (thank you)
  • gautam is a very effective batsman (I can’t take the credit for this…it’s in my genes 😉
  • gautam is based at the department of languages and cultures of south and central asia (Central Asia?)
  • gautam is a horticulturist at pakhribas agriculture centre (I don’t have green thumbs)
  • gautam is the country resource for ibm software on linux (nope, I’m not geeky enough)
  • gautam is (period!)
  • gautam is brilliant in acting and looks handsome too (wow ! Thanks to all my fans for thinking so!)
  • gautam is currently recovering in the hospital after waking up just before his own funeral (whhhaaat??)
  • gautam is envious of sunder because of his abilities (yeah, Sunder was the topper in XL, but jealous??)
  • gautam is a senior partner of beacon financial group and one of the firm’s founders (I don’t have the ABCs of finance!)
  • gautam is a dedicated name to the arena of tourism in nepal and previously worked in various travel organizations (hotelier ?)
  • gautam is supposed to have been shielded from all disturbing aspects of life (The buddha is what they are talking about)
  • gautam is a resident in internal medicine at the austin and repatriation medical centre in victoria (nope)
  • gautam is now a happily married man since august ’99 (they got the dates wrong 😉
  • gautam is a freelance writer and a broadcaster on indianlink (hmmm…)
  • gautam is the station manager of “kantipur fm 96 (cool !)
  • gautam is a well known astrologer provides horoscope rectification (heh, now you will believe me !)
  • gautam is responsible for the financial performance (of his own home!)
  • gautam is grateful to its endless list of reputed clients (again objectification?)
  • gautam is the bangkok (ouch !)
  • gautam is the 2002 henry r (huh??)
  • gautam is responsible for rendering (whatever you will buy 😉
  • gautam is an examiner for the chartered institute of purchasing and supply
  • gautam is a graduate student at brown university
  • gautam is well known as
  • gautam is shedding much of that flab and concentrating on its core business
  • gautam is not actually a grand moff
  • gautam is the executive chef of the taj sheba hotel in sana’a

That Resume stuff again

This is one of the best posts that I have seen in a long time. Jason Goldberg (CEO of Jobster) has some really useful advice on making that great resume for your next job.

By the way here’s my earlier post on What NOT to do in a resume.

Suruchi surprised

Suruchi surprised
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In a restaurant !

The campus recruitment process at XLRI

Banished Soul (again) has some personal insights into the recruiters:

Being the irrational human being that I am, I wanted to join the geezers company because of two of my very good friends working there…After 45 minutes, I am fine. At peace. I guess the idea of a job offer is not at all different from a symphony of wooing. It is about who gets to say ‘No’ at first. Even if the company says that it wants me, I might say no. But then, if the company rejects first, then my chance for a ‘No’ is dimnished and I resent that blow to my ego. As long as ego lives long, atleast for now, I am happy. And I know the right thing in telling what I did and indirectly striking my name off the list.