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madhukar’s Photoblog

Some great snaps here

Pubs and restaurants in Mumbai

Grand Nun Kim has the reviews of places in Mumbai, like Prithvi Cafe.

A personal work manifesto?

Anita wrote something like this.

Mine would be very similar.

  1. I will work with intellectually stimulating people.
  2. I value my time and hence will not tolerate slackness in my meetings.
  3. I will work on something that excites my brain (read: Conceptual, Modelling)

Is Scott Adams a Libertarian?

He writes:

If my philosophy had a name, it would probably be Ignorantselfishertarianism. When it comes to anything complicated, I’m too ignorant to have a useful opinion.

Frankly, I’m suspicious of anyone who has a strong opinion on a complicated issue. But when it comes to social questions, those are usually simple. I take sides with whatever viewpoint is good for me personally.


I am thinking of shifting base here permanently

What do you think?

Should I?