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36 China Town – Review

36 China Town

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I liked the movie.

There, I said it.

I loved Akshaye Khanna's swaggering police officer role.

I liked Shahid Kapur's dancing, his effervescene and comic timing.

Johnny Lever and Paresh Rawal are hilarious.

Kareena Kapoor as usual looks too old for Shahid. In fact, every heroine except Amrita Rao looks old for Shahid. Even the guest appearance by Tanushree Datta. In fact, Tanushree looks positively fat.

Payal Rohatgi looks hot. Upen Patel is very pathetic.


Superman Returns poster

Superman Returns poster

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Isn't this awesome !!!

The return of Superman


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I'm waiting for this movie to release. Saw that the release date is 30th June.

But Brandon Routh is not a patch on Chris Reeve.

I'm a big Superman fan, and this guy doesn't really cut it for me. I mean, he looks like a pansy !

what do you think?


Dr. Balaji writes:

Smallness and a feeling of impotence go together I guess. Especially for men. Look at the behavior on the roads, look at behavior in meetings, the worst people are people who feel small. A strong bias? I have no alternative hypotheses to offer.

The need to shout that one is not small. I am sure the world over people value 'special' numbers for their cars. In India, the government figured out, especially in Andhra Pradesh, that it could make money to pander to this fetish. Numbers, especially the ones that are regularly sought by people are auctioned.

A guy from Kerala, spent a fortune, to be precise, almost equivalent to the cost of his car
– a Merc in this case, for a number which incidentally came as AK 47! You can figure out what AK47 stands for. It is a Kalashnikov, the light weight automatic weapon – a favorite with anyone who wants to fight a guerilla battle or mow down people. The Afghans are proud of them, I am told it is sold like vegetables (probably the rare ones) in Pakistan – the so called 'terrorists' love the weapon! For those who love to be on the side of Israeli State (note, not necessarily the people) a Uzi is probably an equivalent albeit smaller.

In Andhra Pradesh (AP for short), some of the folks who can afford to spend money on numbers for cars to express themselves love a number 8055. Now you may wonder what does it connote. If written in 'electronic fonts, like the LED or LCD' one can read it as BOSS. Go ahead. You guessed. This guy wants to be considered as a BOSS! It's again a gangster term! You are the boss. Does it say something about the boss in the corner office in your organization ?

Bluffmaster – review


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Abhishek Bachchan is passable, Nana patekar is good, but the one who steals the show is Ritesh Deshmukh.

Priyanka Chopra is as feminine as ever. The songs are great, specially the background score of the 1970s like "hum woh hain jo do aur do paanch bana de" and "sabse bada rupaiya"

But the focus of the story like that of Malamaal Weekly is that "money isn't everything in life"