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Malamaal weekly

Goa kuva 0970

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Saw this movie.

Not a patch on Hera Pheri.

But Paresh Rawal as usual is very very good ! Of course, so is Om Puri.

Ritesh Deshmukh is ok in patches.

The story of a village where only the lottery seller knows how to read and write does seem incredulous, and the laughs contrived. After a time, everything seems to get quite tiresome, but keep watching it for Paresh Rawal


salman rushdie and padma lakshmi

salman rushdie and his overly pretty wife

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Professor Solanka and Mila/Neela?

See previous post on Rushdie's book "fury"

Fury by Rushdie

Am immensely enjoying Fury by Salman Rushdie over the last week. Alas, my reading speed, thanks to work, an hour's commute and two kids, is no longer what it used to be.

However, it adds a something to a books' pleasure to read 20 pages and then stop and do something else. It's also got something to do with Rushdie's writing I guess. The man is amazing. I fell in love with Midnight's Children. No, fury is not going to top that masterpiece, but it's still amazing nevertheless.

Fury is the story of a professor turned dollmaker who is running away from his past, his anger and his confusion. The place where he find himself is the Big Apple. Where the future and good fortune beckon everyone but so do disappointments, and death.

There are the women of course. The wife who waits for the husband to return and then finds another man, the Serb woman who wants to make up her men and in so doing models herself after the professor's biggest creation. And then there is Neela Mahendra, modelled I think on Padma Lakshmi whom the Professor falls in love.

Apart from rage and Fury, the book is also about love and longing and loss. It is also about creation and the process of fictionalising one's life. The book features a sci-fi story within itself, which recreates itself in life too.

But, read it first and foremost, for the sublime beauty of Rushdie's words.

On Reservations

Dr. Madhukar Shukla has two brilliant posts on the hollowness of the claim for "merit" from the striking AIIMS doctors and on what the truth of the Other Backward Castes are.

The Other side of Mumbai

Mumbai Slum

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The biggest slumland in Asia.