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Superman arrested – Illegal Immigrant, claims Bush administration

The Edge has this hilarious post !

President Bush today ordered the Department of Homeland Security to immediately pusue and arrest Superman, claiming that not only did the Man of Steel enter this country illegally decades ago but has in his possession a forged green card in direct violation of the current Administration’s policy on immigration.

Homeland Security czar Michael Chertoff commented in an official statement that, “Superman used the alias ‘Clark Kent’ to obtain fake a birth certificate, Social Security Number, driver’s license and various other forms of identification to create a false persona, one he used to open bank accounts and even obtain a job as a newspaper reporter, undoubtedly taking away the position from a legitimate American citizen.”
Superman refused to respond to reporters’ request for a face-to-face interview but through an intermediary issued a statement. “This is nothing more than a veiled attempt at besmirching my reputation. While it is clear that I came to this country in a non-traditional manner – there were no fences erected at my point of entry, the Border Patrol did not have agents stationed overhead, and a Star Wars Defense Initiative was just not technologically feasible – I came here seeking asylum. At the time, there were no Federal offices close to my adoptive parents in Iowa.”

“Contrary to popular belief, it is wholly untrue that my employer, the Daily Planet illegally used the TN visa as a vehicle for hiring me. It is further untrue – as claimed by other Administration sources – that there are countless Americans who have the ability to fly, create hurricanes with the breath, lift freight trains with their pinky, or see through thick walls.”

“While it is true that I continued to remain in this country with going through the normal channels of immigration, I became a productive member of society, paid my taxes, rescued cats from trees, helped little old ladies cross busy streets, and fought crime.”

“Further, I find it offensive that the Administration believes that my father Jor-El was a founding member of Al-Qaida and that my given name Kal-El is merely a front to hide my terrorist intents.”

“My attorneys are studying the situation and I expect them to quickly file charges against my accuser including but not limited to filing a series of complaints with the EEOC.”

When apprised of Superman’s statement, President Bush responded by saying, “Our get-tough-on-immigration-policy has been vital in the war on terror. In the case of Mr. Superman, his super powers have the potential to be hurtful to many. His refusal to assist the Department of Defense in developing weapons similar to those he himself possesses is a clear indication of his true intent. And to claim that there are no Americans who possess similar capabilities is an affront against all great Americans.”


Vikas Khanna of WGSHA on a project highlight the problems faced by travellers with disabilities. For that he’s rounding up some of the world’s great chefs to cook at the seven wonders of the world. It starts with the Pyramids of Egypt ! Read more about Vikas here. I consider myself fortunate to count him as a friend !

World Chefs “Cooking for Life” is hosting a culinary event “The Living Pyramids Tour” in Cairo, Egypt. Proceeds from the event will be used to promote accessibility programs in Egypt and other popular tourist attractions.  

During the four-day event, from July 18-21, guests will enjoy dinners prepared by 21 internationally renowned chefs from 18 countries. Ingredients used will be from the local markets purchased that day. Sitting in the shadow of the pyramids, guests will be entertained with Egyptian music and dance by local performers.

“The Living Pyramids Tour” is the first of a series of culinary events presented by World Chefs “Cooking for Life,” a non-profit organization founded by Chef Vikas Khanna, whose mission is to bring the world together through food. He has received a number of accolades for his humanitarian work and was honored with the prestigious “Access to Freedom Award” from The Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality (SATH). Past honorees include President George W. Bush and The Prince Charles, Prince of Wales. 

For more information on “The Living Pyramids Tour” please visit

Washington post

When I blogged about the superman movie review from the Washingtonpost I found a few visitors from the washingtonpost site visiting my blog.

Intrigued I visited the site to find out that the post provides a list of blogs which have linked to the story. How cool is that ! Check it out below

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Fraudfiles blog

Tracy Coenen, fellow Linkedin Blogger, blogs about the very interesting subject of fraud and Forensic Accounting.

If you are interested in stuff like the Andersen role in the Enron case, be sure to check her blog out !

Superman Returns

Some interesting tidbits from the washingtonpost

It reaches out to embrace all the previous iterations of the caped flyboy, even finding room for Jack Larson and Noel Neill to get giant close-ups and dramatic scenes of the sort they never got in previous TV cameos. Neill, the ur-Lois Lane, plays a dying octogenarian who is swindled out of billions on her deathbed by Lex Luthor; and Larson, the ur-Jimmy Olsen, is a bartender who in a moment of stress actually hugs Sam Huntington, this movie’s Jimmy Olsen. It’s too bad George Reeves, the original TV tall-building leaper, isn’t around to bask in a little afterglow.

Reeve and even Reeves were coached to see flying as athletic, an expression of strength and speed. To get airborne they took off, building up a head of steam, then (oof!) bounding into the air with a diver’s gymnastics as he launches off the high board. By contrast, Routh is a much less athletic, much less muscular flier. For him, flight almost seems Zen. He doesn’t have to put any muscle into it and when he’s flying, he’s not penetrating the atmosphere (his hair hardly moves) but rather transcendentally meditating his way through it. His landings aren’t controlled crashes softened by super-strong muscles and ligaments (oof! again) but a kind of delicate settling. He’s a Supe who’s made peace with the air.

as great an actor as Kevin Spacey is and as perfect for this part as he seems to be: Nobody could do it better than Gene Hackman. True, it’s probably easy to underrate Hackman’s turns as Luthor, but they were great pieces of work. He was avuncular, self-parodying, narcissistic, self-amused and evil all at once.