Vikas Khanna of WGSHA on a project highlight the problems faced by travellers with disabilities. For that he’s rounding up some of the world’s great chefs to cook at the seven wonders of the world. It starts with the Pyramids of Egypt ! Read more about Vikas here. I consider myself fortunate to count him as a friend !

World Chefs “Cooking for Life” is hosting a culinary event “The Living Pyramids Tour” in Cairo, Egypt. Proceeds from the event will be used to promote accessibility programs in Egypt and other popular tourist attractions.  

During the four-day event, from July 18-21, guests will enjoy dinners prepared by 21 internationally renowned chefs from 18 countries. Ingredients used will be from the local markets purchased that day. Sitting in the shadow of the pyramids, guests will be entertained with Egyptian music and dance by local performers.

“The Living Pyramids Tour” is the first of a series of culinary events presented by World Chefs “Cooking for Life,” a non-profit organization founded by Chef Vikas Khanna, whose mission is to bring the world together through food. He has received a number of accolades for his humanitarian work and was honored with the prestigious “Access to Freedom Award” from The Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality (SATH). Past honorees include President George W. Bush and The Prince Charles, Prince of Wales. 

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  2. Hey Gautam,
    Can someone take a look at this…..Wish I could make somekind of sense out it. Members at aol and some weird statement “Vikas Khanna Naked Pics combined with Biggest Penis In The World”
    It would make sense if we could see it. HAHAHA
    And I was reading this article which says that Vikas is more popular than any Bollywood star in America. Well, no wonder they use his name to sell these cheap products. This consumerism is really terrible in the West more than in India.

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