Krissh vs Superman

It was never going to be an equal fight.

Superman Returns is bigger and has Kevin Spacey as the brooding Lex Luthor compared to Gene Hackman’s portrayal of the villian in the Christopher Reeve films.

Brandon Routh is good. But he’s not Reeve. And Reeve will be the standard for all future supermen. Like Jeremy Irons is for Sherlock Holmes.

And the actress who plays Lois Lane is wanting compared to Margot Kidder. Kidder brought the life the essence of Lois Lane. Here she is shown as being apologetic for her achievements.

Couple of inconsistencies. Why doesn’t anyone notice that Clark and Superman have both been missing for 5 years? In Superman II after which the movie “Returns” is based, Lois suspects Clark of being Superman, has she given up her suspicions?

Superman’s kid? That takes off from a small part of the comic mythology, but which never evolved into a full story…I think it was called Superman 2020 or something like that, and Clark/Superman was shown as a grandfather.

Greatbong has the Krissh review here!


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  1. Paul Peterson: Well! These 2 are from different locations.

    Superman: It is a very good Movie no doud abt that and that is also made by using some very new technology as we all know.

    Krissh: Its also a nice movie but bcoz this is made in india where is the lack of this type movie production. peaple liking this movie coz they dint have seen this type of movie b4 in indian production.

    Note: If Hritik play the role of Superman that would be number onbe choise..i think

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