Vote for Linkedin!

The innovative Business networking tool, Linkedin has been nominated for BusinessWeek’s “Best of the Web” vote.

If you think Linkedin is a great social networking site, then go here and vote for it. It trails currently to MySpace by 10% of the votes polled, and that’s going to be a tough gorilla to fight ! 😀

It’s also up in the jobs category here. I think the question there is misleading and will cause Linkedin to lose the votes. It says:

“My favorite place to go for employment information is”

That will never get the votes for Linkedin. It’s more likely that Monster or HotJobs will get more votes because of that question. “Employment Information” is very different from “jobs” in the minds of the jobseeker ! 😀

My Linkedin profile is here, by the way.


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  1. And now its at third place, right behind facebook.

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