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Devi, after Sadhu, is the newest offering by Virgin Comics. It tells the story of Gods, who have been defeated by a fallen God called Bala. Shades of Lucifer? Bala was different from the other Gods, as he grew more powerful from imposing his will on humans. So much so that the Gods each sacrificed a part of themselves to create Devi (inspired by the myth of Shakti), who inhabits the body of a warrior woman of the Durapasya, the humans who fight along the Gods.


Devi does defeat Bala, but Bodha, the king of the Gods decides not to kill him, but lock him up in Jwala, the prison of fire and stone.

From these mythical times the story moves to modern day Japan, where a female assassin fights Japanese Ninja gangsters while recieving a call from someone who wants to employ her services.


The assasin is Kratha, an apsara, whom Bala wants to employ to kill Devi.
The battle of the Gods will move to earth, and one really looks forward to the story’s next part.

Unlike The Sadhu, there is not too much metaphysical and philosophical mumbo-jumbo, but plain action and delicately made graphics by Mukesh Singh. Colours are bright but add to the story rather than distact from it.

Siddharth Kotian’s script is tight and those looking for Indian mythology echos would be a trifle disappointed. Devi is pure fantasy, except for that reference to Durga and Shakti mentioned earlier. I only hope that readers in India do get to see it soon.

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  1. It looks really great. I look forward to it and hope the Virgin line does well. I’m almost certain these comics are to be released in India, but then, I might be wrong about that.

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