Virgin Comics not available in India?

Sathish is wondering if the much hyped Virgin Comics is available at all in India. Even a couple of readers mailed me that they have searched in Mumbai and Delhi and haven’t been able to get their hands on it.

If Chopra, Kapur and Branson wanted it to be “export-only” commodity (for some tax sops??) then maybe they should have told us !

Ashok Banker in response to Sathish’s post says:

Incidentally, I can confirm that I am writing a very long epic story for DC’s VERTIGO division based on Indian myth, but set in contemporary times. it’s an original story and is as yet-untitled. I have worked on it for almost two years now, but unlike Virgin I haven’t hyped it anywhere. I am hoping VERTIGO will see fit to launch it in India too at an affordable price for us desi comic fans.

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  1. yes it is true..though the comics have been released in the international market and are available online, the hard copies are not to be found anywhere in this country!! wonder what the publishers want?

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