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Disappointment Royale

Can’t watch the latest James Blond, er, Bond as the AP government has formulated a rule at films dubbed in Telugu cannot be released simultaneously with the original language film !

So we have to wait for December to see Casino Royale in english.

What a bummer!

This apparently is being done so that Telugu films can be encouraged. Isn’t that such a stupid and lame argument? By doing this the government is giving a fillip to pirated CDs being brought in from neighboring states and thereby suffering a loss in entertainment tax being collected.

The Hindu reports

One of the major contributors for the poor show was skyrocketing cost of production. “Unlike Hindi and Tamil films, our movies do not have global markets. We should keep the cost of production in mind,” Suresh Babu said.

The decision to impose restrictions on dubbed films has split the industry vertically with dubbing artistes, script writers, lyricists, a section of producers and the exhibitors opposing the move.