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Sitemeter vs GoStats

Who’s the more reliable stats service among Sitemeter and GoStats.

I have been using both of them for my other blog and the numbers for January are different by 2k ! GoStats seems to show that I have had more than 20,000 page views while Sitemeter seems to suggest a little over 18,000.

Sitemeter Data

GoStats data

So which one is better?

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Pramit Singh’s top blogs

Pramit Singh at the MediaVidea blog is not happy with the Forbes 25 web celeb list and comes up with his own list that he calls People’s Choice, who he rates as bloggers who help others the most online.

Hmm, about time for me to compile my list of 25 JLT bloggers?

On a different note check out the XLRI bloggers updated here.

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Yahoo forces users to move from purely flickr ids

Got this email a couple of days back:

Dear Old Skool Account-Holding Flickr Member,

On March 15th we’ll be discontinuing the old email-based Flickr sign in system. From that point on, everyone will have to use a Yahoo! ID to sign in to Flickr.

We’re making this change now to simplify the sign in process in advance of several large projects launching this year, but some Flickr features and tools already require Yahoo! IDs for sign in — like the mobile site at or the new Yahoo! Go program for mobiles, available at:

95% of your fellow Flickrites already use this system and their experience is just the same as yours is now, except they sign in on a different page. It’s easy to switch: it takes about a minute if you already have a Yahoo! ID and about five minutes if you don’t.

You can make the switch at any time in the next few months, from today till the 15th. (After that day, you’ll be required to merge before you continue using your account.) To switch, start at this page:

Nothing else on your account or experience of Flickr changes: you can continue to have your FlickrMail and notifications sent to any email address at any domain and your screenname will remain the same.

Complete details and answers to most common questions are available here:

Thanks for your patience and understanding – and even bigger thanks for your continued support of Flickr: if you’re reading this, you’ve been around for a while and that means a lot to us!

Warmest regards,

– The Flickreenos

Damn ! Who are they calling “Old-School”?

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Grax – Six years continued

My reply to Kim’s mail:

Wow Kim
I didn’t even realise that the baby was approaching six years !
Thanks for the wake up call….
Yep, those were the days….when was and hadn’t been taken over by Yahoo….
Blogging was still a long way off…and was just a glimmer in Orkut’s eyes
Only after we left campus did we realise how much graxing has been ingrained in us….thanks to hanging out near the mess foyer or at dadu’s and Bishu’s.
Grax on cyberspace has never really managed to replicate that reality…how could it…? The alcohol could not be sipped, the cigarette smoke did not get in your face, the music from the guitar was not reachable to our ears…
However as the bearded one said “Richness and reach are inversely proportional”…so the richness of face to face meetings of XL that we lost, we kinda made up by the reach of grax…
During various XL alumni meets I have met people for the first time …and when we’ve heard the names…”oh…I posted that on grax..”
There were a couple of off-shoots of grax…like XAB, led by KNV to talk ‘serious’ stuff about how XLer, Faculty and others could brainstorm to make XL a better school…the other off-shoot was on the other end of the spectrum….like fraxers egroup which understandably did not pick up much traction ;-).. Kim started an OMAXI egroup and Bajaj and others set up the sports lovers egroup too.
As for my grax story for the next two months….heh…that’s coming up soon, folks !

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Grax to turn six in April

Kim sent the following mail to the grax egroup:

Our baby will be turning 6 years old in another 2 months.

When I say “Our” I mean mine & GG’s.

I’m talking about grax u dirty minded people. 🙂

Grax was started on april 6 2001 with 13 members.
Started By gg & me. Founding members akshay soni, John Idicula, avni
sood, swati singh, roshni venkatesh, ankush raisinghani, pawan borle,
apsi singh, vineet singh, akash jain & joe simon who signed up on Day 1.

The 13 who signed up on the 1st day increased to 50, oh ok 45 over the
weekend & kept increasing daily 2 the current 510.

The introductory mail by GG said
“Dear Xlers
Welcome to GRAX…
To tell you the truth I really haven’t discussed as to what we’ll GRAX
about here, but anyway, let’s evolve something along the way!
GG “

But as Tito said “take an unstructured situation and evolve as we go
along. What could be better. We can never go wrong then!!!!!!!!!” &
Boy has it evolved since then except for certain people wanting to be
only listeners not contributors (these listeners form the majority of
grax membership who then crib that the posters have nothing better to
do with their time, hint hint LOL)

Thareja’s golden rules for grax (memorise this people, esp d 2nd 1)
1. Grax is to be enjoyed, not to be believed
2. Grax and reality may or may not have any relationship.
3. Every reader may decide for himself how close the grax is to reality
4. The whackier it is, the better………
so let your creative and eavesdropping instincts come alive.

We started grax with an update on topper, bhadra & pappus house warming
party in Bombay by Rosh. From then we have covered weddings &
Christenings & what else may you have.

Alex Joseph & Arif Mansuri still owe me Mutton Biryani – their house
specialities. (C the benefits of documentation, well I collected a
lunch from Alex & it was so tasty that I’m waiting for another invitation)

GG finally consolidated his 15+ email addresses to a maximum of 3 at a
time while diversifying his core competencies.

What has changed is that in the early days people would crib about
volume of mails on grax which made it a pain to check on dial up
connections & expensive in cyber cafes (4 those not in IT companies)
although those sales brethren in remote locations looked on grax as a
way to communicate with the rest of the world – to these same people
today checking grax on their blackberries & PDA’s.

We discussed Monumental successes & monumental failures (of certain
summer projects in particular) Joe Simon confessed to being kidnapped
by Datta Samant during his summers while I seem to remember 1 of our
batchmates being taken at gunpoint to marry a village headmans
daughter. Don’t u current batch(chas) have any such interesting
stories to share with us. Share the stories even if u don’t want to
share the names. Or make some up & spread a little excitement guys.

We have shared a lot of highs & lows on this group. Lost a couple of
people / classmates / faculty / family dear to us. Celebrated the
successes of others – getting married, having kids, higher promotions,
switching careers, finding more meaningful careers, buying houses,
helping the less fortunate, starting own companies, winning
competitions & acclaim. We have shared it all.

But with the increase in members, grax has become a little impersonal
except for that excitement Nitin gave us the other day 🙂 We are being
more politically correct. Lets post some grax junta. True grax in the
spirit of it as outlined in Thareja’s 4 rules above.

On this note, in the run up to the 6th birthday we expect every member
on grax to post one interesting xl related anecdote on this group. If
u don’t comply by April 6th 2006, your membership will be revoked.
(I’m jobless enough currently to actually carry out the documentation
required for this threat junta, so take me seriously here)

We currently stand at the almost 7000 mark on messages. Share at least
one story on grax of anything xl related. With 510 members & cross
talk Lets try n cross 8000 messages by the birthday & make it a truly
happy burday for grax.

Get out your writing caps & sharpen those points/nails/talons/creative

& lets hear some grax………

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