Grax – Six years continued

My reply to Kim’s mail:

Wow Kim
I didn’t even realise that the baby was approaching six years !
Thanks for the wake up call….
Yep, those were the days….when was and hadn’t been taken over by Yahoo….
Blogging was still a long way off…and was just a glimmer in Orkut’s eyes
Only after we left campus did we realise how much graxing has been ingrained in us….thanks to hanging out near the mess foyer or at dadu’s and Bishu’s.
Grax on cyberspace has never really managed to replicate that reality…how could it…? The alcohol could not be sipped, the cigarette smoke did not get in your face, the music from the guitar was not reachable to our ears…
However as the bearded one said “Richness and reach are inversely proportional”…so the richness of face to face meetings of XL that we lost, we kinda made up by the reach of grax…
During various XL alumni meets I have met people for the first time …and when we’ve heard the names…”oh…I posted that on grax..”
There were a couple of off-shoots of grax…like XAB, led by KNV to talk ‘serious’ stuff about how XLer, Faculty and others could brainstorm to make XL a better school…the other off-shoot was on the other end of the spectrum….like fraxers egroup which understandably did not pick up much traction ;-).. Kim started an OMAXI egroup and Bajaj and others set up the sports lovers egroup too.
As for my grax story for the next two months….heh…that’s coming up soon, folks !

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