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Using networks for good

Linkedin is using the power of 11 million professionals registered to promote social change, with Linkedin for Good (Hat-Tip: Vincent).

As the site says:

You can now learn more about outstanding nonprofit organizations
and donate directly from the new nonprofit pages on LinkedIn (see a few
examples below).

In addition, you can add a badge (like a
“digital bumper sticker”) to your profile to show your support and
raise awareness for the causes you care about.

another member of LinkedIn views your profile and clicks on the badge,
they’ll be taken to the nonprofit page where they can donate or add the
badge to their profile, resulting in a virtuous cycle!

also pleased to announce that LinkedIn is giving away free job postings
to registered nonprofit organizations to support their hiring needs. If
you’re looking for work in the nonprofit sector, search for jobs here.

Here’s giving Linkedin a huge hand for this step. How about getting some Indian NGOs listed on Linkedin soon?


Al Gore’s Office

Al Gore Office

Originally uploaded by Amit Agarwal / Digital Inspiration.

I hope I never have an office like this one.

In fact I think I’ll post a pic of my ‘home office’ one of these days 😀

The women :-)

The women 🙂

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The women in my life 🙂

Yeah, I know, I am blessed 😀

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Abhijit Gets story ideas from Orkut

Abhijit Bhaduri gets story ideas from the Mediocre But Arrogant community on Orkut for the sequel of the book. Sample these thoughts on the protagonists workplace and co-workers that community members are thinking about:

How about a South-Indian family in the township? A typical Madraasi
uncle with a set of technical degrees, very industrious and strict
father and a providing husband. Uncle managed to learn some Hindi but
still prefers to speak TamGlish. He would make a good colleague for
Aunty has been in the North for around like what? 8 years now? And still cannot pronounce a word in Hindi.
have a young girl going to college, dark, sweet and beautiful…a
possible romance here…conservative family, mixed culture, wanting to
break the chains etc..
And a younger kid, a boy, an odd chap with a
penchant to steal silly objects from the neighbourhood and somewhat
extra-ordinary in sports, say cricket and not so good at studies, which
our uncle hates.

And this one:

A bengali middle aged person with grey hair. A complete oppurtunist in
both negative and positive sense.A loner as his personal life is a
disaster. addicted to work as work acts as a de-stresser for his
stressful personal life[absolutely opposite to what actually happens by
law of averages].
he is absolutely worried as to how he will lead his life after retirement as retirement is soon approaching…
this is when he finds a friend in Abbey and a family in Abbey’s family.
little can be stressed on about the transition between Abbey’s relation
with his boss from a sweet-bitter proffesional relation to an relation
where he becomes a surrogate brother of Abbey…
how he realises
along with Abbey that life is all about planning for a better future
comprising of love , compassion and not only the so called ‘corporate

And about the protagonists’ boss:

Ravindranath Sharma
Age: 48
Short in height, balding
in the back of his head which is covered usually with the long strands
of hair from the front part, with a clumsy body, a visibly round belly.
His hands are longer in proportion to his body.
Very systematic in handling work, strict with time.
A chain smoker, doesn’t drink alcohol. Prefers tea over coffee. A strict vegan.
Never speaks about God, but keeps a copy of Bhagavad Gita on his desk.
Does not drive to the office, uses public transport instead.