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Happy Birthday JK Rowling and Harry Potter

That’s right ! They share their birthday 🙂

Ishita on Paulo Coelho’s Blog

A friend of mine, Ishita Bardhan who blogged about Paulo Coelho’s book “The Zahir” had her blog post invited on Paulo’s official blog here.

That’s just awesome !

More about the book here.

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Good Ol’ Maggi days

No I am not talking about a certain Mrs. Thatcher but the “2-minute” noodle dish called Maggi that Neha’s post brought back alive.

I must admit I was a big Maggi fan. I diligently collected a lot of Maggi free stuff thanks to the “give 2 wrappers and get this” offers.

One of the biggest things we got was a brown bowl, presumably to have more Maggi in.

Ugly thing 🙂

I always liked my Maggi a little wet, not really soupy 🙂 Thankfully these days Maggi comes in Atta Dal flavour that ensures I don’t feel guilty feeding it to my kids. It’s a lifesaver if neither of us feel like making a meal due to laziness 🙂

I remember one of my HR managers telling a story about how he got posted into a remote town as part of his first job, and being a bachelor with no cooking experience, he really showered a lot of wishes on the folks who made Maggi ;-), and that’s Nestle.

Come to think of it, these days Maggi is not advertised as the 2 minute noodle at all.

After school Maggi eating became pretty infrequent, until I reached business school 6 years later, where a night canteen operated by the great Bishu would open from 10.30pm to 3 am. Along with bun masala and bread omelette’s Bishu’s speciality was Maggi served with scrambled egg, butter and cheese. The number of times that food was the savior from the pathetic mess food was not funny 😀