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Saachi and Suruchi celebrating

Saachi on her birthday

Saachi and Suruchi playing with balloons and dancing and generally having fun on 27th November, Saachi’s birthday.

This is my first attempt at doing a video through my Nokia 6300.

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  • If your people aren’t performing up to their best potential, maybe it’s time for you to take a look in the mirror
  • Everyone loves to say “we hire the best talent in the industry” but that’s largely not true. We all tend to hire compliant, docile people who will wait weeks for their calls to be returned. We hire those who won’t fuss when they’re promised an interview i

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  • For its part, IIM-A stayed mum on the exact number of recruiters and offers on Day Zero, which was Tuesday, and is usually the day that draws financial institutions, banks and consultants—the major and preferred recruiters.
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