The Taare Zameen Par review

I loved the film. It’s emotional and tugs at everyone’s heartstrings.

An everyday story, which everyone can relate to.Ishan Awasthi is a dyslexic youngster who spells poorly, can’t read clearly and is failing in the third standard when his father packs him off to boarding school where a progressive teacher diagnoses his problem and brings out his strengths and restores his self-confidence and sorts his problem.

Yes, that’s the story of the film…. But the film is more than the story per se. The film belongs to the performances of Aamir as the ultra-sensitive art teacher who was dyslexic himself and sees his own image in the child. It belongs to Tisca Chopra’s portrayal of the mother who loves her child and is exasperated with him in equal measure.

However, more than anything, it belongs to Darsheel Safary as Ishan, who silently conveys turmoil, glee, wonder, anger and carries the film on the strength of his performance alone.

The film also belongs to Shankar Ehsaan Loy’s amazing music which in my view raises the emotional content of the movie to a huge extent. I thought it was brilliant, and not because I am a father… but also because in the movie hall there were huge groups of students being noisy and boisterous (being themselves, in other words) and yet, when the film started proceeding I could see them being touched at a deep level, connecting with Ishaan, his struggles with failure.

At that level, it is a intensely human film that tells us a very human story.No item numbers, no heroine, no songs in Switzerland. And it works ! Bravo, Aamir Khan, producer, director and actor of “Taare Zameen Par” ! In fact, the only drawbacks in the movie were the caricatures of some characters, like Mr. Awasthi, the father, and the boarding school teachers (who apart from Aamir Khan, are made to look like either buffoons or cruel sadists). The high achieving elder brother however, is not a caricature, thankfully !


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  1. I doubt any one can make a better movie then Taare Zameen Par

  2. Just watched the movie. Great story telling and i loved the way the movie takes you in the mind of the little boy ishaan especially as you see him go in his shell at the boarding school.

    My sister ia special ed teacher andI have seen these children blossom with real help in the real world. Exteremly well potrayed in the movie.

    BTW how amny times have ou seen over 50% of the guys crying during a movie? I havent’ cried so much in a movie since Anand.

    This deserves an Oscar nomination. the kid should win best actor award (not child actor best actor). the cinematography was great too.

  3. I am not one to write reviews. But I am moved to write this one.

    This has to be the BEST INDIAN MOVIE I have ever seen!

    Whether it wins an Oscar or not, it is just taken Indian cinema to a whole new and far more intelligent level.

    Mr. Aamir Khan.. I salute you!

  4. yeah i agree…excellent movie…now thats aamir the perfectionist….even the lil kid was amazing…one good hindi movie i have seen in a long time

  5. The best movie for some time…the story was awesome,the acting was superb by all the characters and the music is emotionally heart touchable… Actually we are bored with the same old guy,gals stories …this reflects the real life…Good going Aamir Khan..this movies should got all the awards for the best movie of the year…If its not that will be proves that awards are not fair enough.

  6. gr8 movie indeed, as I am a child psychologist, I feel now my work becomes much easier,when I will be talk to the parents. i will just say go and watch this movie.

  7. This should go 4 the Oscars.

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