Racism and sledging in cricket

Sanjeev Bikhchandani has an interesting take on it:

it is apparently OK for Glenn McGrath to ask a West
Indies batsman what a certain part of Brian Lara’s anatomy feels like
because it was non racial macho Aussie thing to say – basically gutter
level personal abuse is OK in the gentleman’s game but not anything to
do with race. We in India need to be educated in the tradecraft – we
are but beginners in the subject.Harbhajan made a mistake if (and only if) he referred to Andrew Symonds
as a monkey. Wrong choice of animal mate – you should have used a
reference to some other noteworthy mammal to respond to Symonds’ abuse
– swine or dog come to mind as possible candidates – they are pure
insults and carry with them no racist overhead. For good measure add on
“non-monkey”. After all you cannot possibly be called racist if you say
someone is not a monkey. “You mother*%$#ing, snivelling, lilly-livered,
non-monkey, son of swine” logically ought be acceptable sledging in the
ICC and Australian lexicon.This error by Harbhajan (if he
indeed called Symonds a monkey) gave the Aussies a handle to turn the
tables on the Indians by raising the racism issue. The Indians need to
learn from this and refine their sledging strategy. It needs to be more
nuanced and must take into consideration the subtler shaes of meaning
of various insulting and abusive terms and what they mean in different
cultural contexts – someone in the Indian camp needs to think this
through. India needs a specialist sledging coach (anyone for Gregg
Chappell for this position – after all he is Australian and should be
good at it).We have a situation where a white match referee (from a country that till very recently practised the worst form of racism as state policy) takes the word of two white witnesses (who are not neutral) over that of one Indian witness (who is not neutral) and without any independent witness or corroborating evidence (no
video, no audio, nothing heard by the umpires – can’t blame the umpires
though they seem to be deaf as adders and blind as bats and just in
case this is a racist slur I voluntarily ban myself from selection for
the Indian team for the foreseeable future) bans an Indian player (who
the white Australian captain finds himself incapable of playing and so
will benefit from this ban, and it was this Australian captain who
insisted that the racism charge be laid at Harbhajan’s doorstep).

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  2. The Indians made a monkey out of Symonds.

    Meaning of Money:
    (i) any mammal of the order Primates, including the guenons, macaques, langurs, and capuchins, but excluding humans and including Symonds, the anthropoid apes, and, usually, the tarsier and prosimians.

    (ii) the fur of certain species of such long-haired animals or Symond.

    (iii) a person likened to such an animal, as a mischievous, agile child or a mimic.

  3. Bhajji has not said anything racial to Andrew symonds. The match refree Mike Proctor by declaring Bhajje as racial has created a racial controversy. Mike must be punished and imposed a life ban. Monkey is hardly a derogratory word in India. We have a ‘Monkey God’ called hanuman and we have lot of devotees of him. If calling monkey is racist then, what is ‘M*F*’, SOB etc and other foul language used by austrilians regularly. Australians regularly resort to bad mouthing sachin and Dravid when theya are playing well. They have spelled abuses at Laxman on several occasions.

    In view of the farse in the second test match and ugly cricket played by the austrialians, Indian board should pull back their team from australia and severe all cricketing realtionships with theam. Australians must be banned from playing cricket for next two years in all international level by ICC. Austrilians should not be allowed to bring the glorious game of cricke to any more disrepute. They must be taught moral lessons and righteousness and asked to do public service like public toilet cleaning. Cheaters are punished under law. And if you are cheating in the full view of 100 crore people we can’t allow it. They are Australian crickets are criminals in the view of hundred crore Indians. If they go out of the stadium they could be arrested for con’ing the Indian team and the whole world.

    While Ricky Ponting, Mathew Clarke and Andrew Symonds have brought the game of cricket to direpute by their dubious acts, the umpire Steve Buknor and Mark Benson have conspired against team India and Indian Nation. All the five of them should be permanently banned from cricket for rest of their lives. Ricky ponting must face 5 test ban for flooring and catch and appealing for it. Mathew Clarke must be banned for 5 tests for flooring a catch and appealing for it.

    Also umpires should be criminally procecuted and later publically executed.

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