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Save the Tiger

From a mail that Kim sent to us all:

Hi Everyone,

Many of you must have been following the news channels which have been
highlighting the truth about the Indian Tigers as discovered by the latest

This census (perhaps the most credible one done in a very long time) states
that the number of tigers in India today is just over 1400 with a
probabilisitic survival rate in 2020 of under 10%. This rate assumes that no
steps will be taken by us humans to correct this downward trend and all the
reasons causing the falling population.

There is something we can do, even while sitting in the comfort of our homes
or offices. We as a collective have the power to push our government to act.
NDTV is running a petition on their website and I hope that they are
actually going to use that petition to bring the government to act (as
opposed to simply using it as a gimmick to increase their eyeballs)

Our tigers are in deep trouble and there are at least 2 ways that you & I
can act towards a solution.

1. Sign the Save the Tiger petition on NDTV
Hardly 15,000 people have signed it so far.

2. Log onto the prime minister’s website
and send him a polite mail (not more than 500 characters allowed in the
mail, so choose your words with care), asking for the highest level of
protection for India’s project tiger reserves. I request you to do this
because tiger protection is not on his priority list – indeed, as the
Chairperson of the Wildlife Board, he can do a lot, but hasn’t. Our job is
to put it high up on his agenda.

The one thing I request you to not do is to see this as someone else’s
problem; it’s the least we can do. Also please forward this petition and
this cause to your friends, so we can work to be the change we want to see
in our country.


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