Return on Conversation

These days I’m getting back to blogging after I found out that I was spending too much time on Twitter!
If one had to chart a ladder of engagement wrt time you build with virtual networks for me it would look like this
Linkedin (low time investment required) —>Yahoogroups (email lets me respond when I want to respond)—->Facebook (those apps are turning me off) —>Ning (I manage two networks there) —-> Blogging (reading other blogs and composing my own posts) —>Twitter (high time spent on it)
Rob May recently blogged about the “Return on Conversation” with regard to blogging. I was wondering where your returns on conversations are – are they neutral, negative or positive?


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  1. I have had “off the internet days” recently.
    I think its time for me to try out Twitterless days!
    Have been off orkut/facebook for close to 20 days.

    PS: Can you pass on the link to Rob May?

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