Blogcamp Kerala to be held on a houseboat!

Blogging and backwaters? What an unlikely and exciting combination. Kenney Jacob mailed me to let me know that the Blogcamp Kerala would be held on a houseboat!

The first Blogging Unconference event in Kerala called BlogCamp Kerala
2008 is scheduled to be conducted on the 16th of August 2008 at
Alleppey, Kerala.

The event is hosted by the Kerala Tourism, who
has provided us with the venue for the event. BlogCamp Kerala 2008 has
the unique distinction of being the first BlogCamp in the world to be
conducted in a Houseboat.
information about the event are hosted on our official site


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  1. I came to this post through Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) from my post

  2. @ nandu, if it does, we Keralites started off a revolution 😉

  3. I am really excited to hear that the blog will be held in a houseboat and was wondering if this event is going to trigger similar events across the world

  4. Thanks a lot for the writeup. 🙂
    We’re really excited about the event.

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